Monday, May 2, 2005


Spring is definitely here and green is taking over the landscape.  Clouds hang heavy in the sky but it is a welcomed sight after so many dry years.  Last year was a relief but we still need so much more rain and snow to restore the water supplies.

Lush growth carpets the once dry and brittle forest floor with color.  I only hope that it will last this year.

To most its just a fencepost, but I LOVE fenceposts.  The old wood combined with the smooth lines of the wire is so appealing to me for some reason.

This little guy is starting to get used to me there by the pond, he (or she)no longer scurries away when I return to my spot where I wait for the elusive king fisher.  I think its starting to feel sorry for me and allows these photo opportunites out of pity.  Its probably not even the same squirrel, but in my mind's eye I recognize it every time I return to the pond.


demandnlilchit said...

you and your fence posts huh?? lol like me and my dead trees! lol Must be something about wood! lmaoooooo

mariebm56 said...

These are great, but I absolutely love the top one!!!!

squirrellywoman said...

OK, Jo - I HAVE to have that squirrel picture. You sure take some great pics!

sepintx said...

Love that squirrel! I have one that is starting to get a bit tame. Not tame enough for a good photo though!

boiseladie said...

I love your photos!  I know I keep telling you that...  you do a great job.  Love the pond and the squirrel shots, here.

samantha0721 said...

I received a comment about my plumeria photo from you and decided to have a look at your journal and Im glad I did! Your photos and funny comments are fabulous. I have to say I agree with the others, the squirrel picture is so good! It still seems odd to me to go outside here in Hawaii and there isn't a squirrel to be found. I hope you make it here for a visit again soon. I know all about homesickness my friend and there just isn't any cure for it except to go home and stay long enough to remember why you left. Happy journaling!

labdancer51 said...

Fabulous photo of the squirrel just about to`s just lovely!  :-)  Sandra xxx

kokoapuffy1 said...

Hi Dorn,
Great shots, as always. Love the lake view, could sit there for hours.
Don't ya just love being able to 'snap' people, places, and things all day long?

mechants said...

Came here by way of my own journal. Wow you have great pictures! Love it!