Friday, May 6, 2005


Its springtime at the zoo and many of the new babies are coming out to experience the world outside of their dens and burrows.  These are baby prairiedogs.  They are absolutely adorable, but they are a menace to farmers and ranchers because of their colonies of burrows and tunnels.


This meerkat reminds me a lot of our ferret at home, especially the eyes.  How can you resist a gaze like that?  I can't and our ferret has me wrapped around her little finger, or what ever you would call it on a ferret.

When we went to the zoo for the first time 11 years ago the big cats were exhibited in steel and concrete cages.  I remember crying when I realized that the strange marks on the cement ground of the enclosures were actually blood stains from sores worn into the pads of the animals' paws.  Today many of the enclosures are designed to imitate the animals' natural habitat.  These tigers lie in the shade next to a stream in the Asian Highlands Exhibit.

I'm not sure why this giraffe was moved away from the rest of the herd, but I came across him in the back of the enclosure, peering sadly over the fence.  I've always thought that giraffes have the gentlest looking eyes.

Of course I couldn't visit the zoo without getting a picture of peacock feathers!  I tried to get the whole bird, but he just wouldn't stand still long enough for a good shot.  He obviously had more important things to do, like checking out the little female peahen down the way.


labdancer51 said...

The meerkat and the giraffe are smashing... their expressions are just great!  :-)

Sandra xxx

mariebm56 said...

You got some really great shots!!!

tc01hm said...

Fruitful day at the zoo! The peacock is a wonderful pattern image and nice detail and color.

astaryth said...

Great Shots! And zoo shots can be hard cause of the distance you are from the animals, and trying -not- to include things like fences and wires, etc! I usually cheat <g>. I take 'wide' pictures of the shot I want and then when I get home I bring them up and with my cropping tool see what I have! Often the shot I want is in there, it just has to be found!

cneinhorn said...

the giraffe shot is priceless!  and the peacock feathers, wow! heck, they're all great!  what lens are you using?  I'm taking it's a zoom telephoto of some sort with a bit of range.  nice job