Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I knew the name of the park, but had no idea that the area itself had an entirely different name.  This pond that I love so much is called the Cattail Marsh. 

In a week or two this dead stump will be entirely overgrown by vines and grasses.  In a few years it will become part of the earth.  Either way it will remain a vital part of the beauty here at the pond.

Green, green, every where is green.  Such a fresh, new color, crisp and youthful, full of energy and promise.

Right below is brown, earthy and harsh, spent and decaying.  Still part of the land, beautiful in its own way.  In time it will nurish the future.

I see people rushing through the Wildlife area every day.  They have come to enjoy nature, and yet they move too fast to see it.  They don't hear the sounds or smell the fragrances as they hurry past.  They only see the obvious.  This squirrel spent as much time observing me as I did him.  It would have been easy to overlook him for he sat motionless in the tree above me, silently observing and taking in the world around him.


tc01hm said...

That squirrel is the best shot. Everything from the composition and  technical execution to expression is excellent. Congrats on a wonderful capture.

labdancer51 said...

Again, more beautiful photos.  My husband would love the pond as he is a keen fisherman.  This squirrel looks as if he has something to say!  :-)   Sandra xxx

astaryth said...

Always love your pics, but todays are exceptional! The one with the two girls shows such nice composition, and the 3rd one of the greenery is spectacular, and the one with the squirrel.. Well, you gotta love squirrels!

cw2smom said...

Awesome shots!  Love the cattails!  Oh, that squirrel!  Too cute..such a pose!  Lisa