Tuesday, May 3, 2005


Just thought I'd share the before and after shots of my PaintShop Pro creations.  The before shots are taken from the same photograph as the after shot although the cropping may be a little off since I didn't think to save it until AFTER I finished.  My favorite?  Well, I think its a 3 way tie between the Windmill, the Solar Dandilion and the Adobe Thistle. 

Stormy Flight: I thought this came out kind of sci-fi-ish.  Its not exactly the kind of picture you'd want to see before embarking on a long flight.

Troubled Sky: I took this picture on an overcast day, and the flag and wind just couldn't get it together.  The solarized picture is almost eerie and forboding.

Rain On The Plains:  I love windmills, I know I've said that before.  What I found so appealing about this manipulation were the raindrops that were suddenly visable against the pastle background.

Pondscape:  When I saw the results of this whirled distortion I immediately thought of a painting by Van Gogh.

Solar Dandilion:  I love dandilions, and I love purple.  Whats not to love about this particular picture?

Adobe Thistle:  I love the impression on clay that this particular piece has, its so earthy, but then even the original is very appealing.


rap4143 said...

Thanks :).  It really great to see the before and after photos and your creative ideas.

demandnlilchit said...

I don't have PSP, but now ya made me wanna go play with the "thingy" (tech term) that I open my photos with! lol

cw2smom said...

How absolutely fun and unique!  I can't wait to get that program, but I have to have a new 'puter first!  Oh, ain't it awful! ;)  Lisa

articwulf58368 said...

What beautiful pics and great creations to them. Brandie

boiseladie said...

These are great.  I can sit for hours, enhancing photos into images that more accurately portray the look I was after in the first place.  Often times, Quite often, I am surprised how the photos turn out after a bit of play time with the shots.  Thanks for sharing yours.

cneinhorn said...

that manipulation is very vangogh like indeed!  I have psp and really need to start playing with it more....almost all of what I do is on adobe creative suite.  

~ www.jereygirljournal.com

smjr43 said...

I have the trial version on my computer of Paint Shop Pro.  If I ever got started, don't think I would ever stop.  I spend too much time on the computer as it is.  I really did not get interested in photography until I moved to Colorado and recently even more, when my son gave me his digital camera.  One of my favorite pics I took was at Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  You can check it out at the link below: