Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I discovered a new man-made pond near the theater.  Signs were posted all around 'Do Not Feed Waterfowl'.  The geese have taken up residence here, leaving the bank and surrounding grounds a smelly mess.  This goose hovers protectively over 2 eggs.  I suspect that once the goose leaves the nest unattended, a grounds keeper will take the eggs and throw them into the pond with at least half a dozen other eggs that we spotted in the frigid water.

Fortunately these little guys remained undetected until they hatched.  There were 3 groups of goslings at this pond, in twos and threes.  Even the nests only had 2 eggs each.  In more goose-friendly areas the clutches can consist of many more eggs.  I am still facinated by the way nature has a way of adapting to the various habitats.

I was able to get pretty close to the hatchlings although the parents kept a watchful eye on me.  When another goose got too close though they both charged it with their bills snapping and wings flapping.  Interesting how they saw the other goose as a bigger threat than me, and actually left the babies unattended near me while they took care of the tresspasser.


labdancer51 said...

We have many canada geese here in the UK and they breed very well .  Some people we met from Canada told us that they are pests and cause problems at the great lakes.  Their only real enemy here though, apart from foxes, are the swans, who really do not like them.  In fact, I once saw a swan trying to drown an unfortunate goose, who, luckily for him escaped none the worse for the experience!

Sandra xxx

joolsinwa said...

the pics are beautiful , but yes, geese are filthy nasty creatures!!  they ruin all our city parks, because stupid people feed them. I wish Canada would keep their geese confined.
~ Julie~

ctx424 said...

Great photos.
I had no idea about geese being a problem.

sunflowerkat321 said...

The geese are a big problem here too.  But, they make great photo subjects.

NICE photos!!!

astaryth said...

Great shots! I particularly like the close up of the little gosling! Wonderful!

gotomaria said...

You take the best photos...wish you were there when I took those shots of the 13 babies.... thanks for the nice comments on my journal and if you want to relive the 13 babies experience here is the link:

Ho, ho...birds of a feather flock together....

mkolasa101 said...

As usual another wonderful post with beautiful photographs of nature.  The goslings are so very cute.  My aunt had geese in a pond across from her house and I don't recall anyone saying anything about them being a problem.  They live in Michigan.


cneinhorn said...

awww they are too cute!  we have alot of geese here too, they can be such a nuiscance (I know I spelled that wrong!) and  pollute anywhere they decide to stay, but the babies are so cute!  ~

kokoapuffy1 said...

These are all great shots! The goslings are adorable.

We used to live in a subdivision that had a pond the geese took over. They also like the outdoor pool! I still like them, just not cleaning UP after them!


missundazstood58 said...

Amazing photos of untouched by mankind nature as it is such beautifull birds at their own habitat captured by a photograph by a person that values wild life.My hat goes off to you.