Sunday, April 3, 2005


I spent the afternoon driving around my town. These pictures were all taken along the same stretch of road in South East Colorado Springs.

Edit:  hey mom its me gabe.  theres a picture that you took of a tree a couple stories or journals back.  the one that hangs over the road.  thats the HAUNTED TREE.  i guess  a few years before we moved to colorado some kid hung himself on that tree. and every now and then you can see him on that tree.  
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nativehopi - 4/9/05 4:03 PM


astaryth said...

I love the tree... Nice compostition!

kokoapuffy1 said...

These are super! I have really enjoyed your photoblog lately. Like the shots you get with your new camera. What camera did you buy?

boiseladie said...

Your photos are beautiful.  Which camera do you use?  I love your perceptions.

mkolasa101 said...

And yet another great set of pictures.  Love the tree on the off beaten path, and the cross wires (barbwire)...oh I just love all of them.  What an eye for symbolic imagery you have.


cneinhorn said...

wonderful!~especially love the tree shot!  


monponsett said...

Do men line up for miles to drink the water from the shrine that must exist at the "Big Johnson Reservoir?" I bet that's what the Indians were telling Ponce de Leon about.



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