Sunday, April 3, 2005


Last night was the official first cook-out of the season.  We grill out year round, but last night it was actually nice enough for us to eat out on the patio.  I am most at home outside of the house.  Oh, the simple pleasures of life! 




mariebm56 said...

wow....I like these!  Really nice!

swibirun said...

What Dorn?  No menu?  Whaddya make??  Ahhhh who cares......there were Corona's to be had :)

mkolasa101 said...

I love the light that comes from a lantern, bonfires and cooking out.  Did the next best thing....watched the sunset at bayport and then ate baby back ribs at Sonnys, almost like we were there.  It's always fun to visit you.


kokoapuffy1 said...

We did this tonight, and it is fun to eat outside. Especially now, no mosquito's. Great shots! Corona's and a blazing fire...ah, you gotta love this time of year.


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