Saturday, April 9, 2005


A babbling brook.

Redwinged blackbird.  This little guy actually seems to enjoy the company and he watched the kids with intense curiosity.

Many of the Canada geese are year round residents here, the food is abundant even in the winter so they are losing their instinct to migrate.   We may have to start calling them Colorado geese.  These ones are obviously used to humans as they let me walk right up on them.

Just after I took this picture a beaver swam around to the right side of the lodge.  There were lots of signs of beaver activity but I never expected to actually spot one, that was a special treat.


mariebm56 said...

Beatiful photos.... My guess is that you are from Colorado & these are taken in Colorado?  Thank you for sharing your world!

astaryth said...

Colorado geese? <g> I keep telling G. that I am going to go to the zoo one day and take pictures of all the 'special' mallards. It seems that any exhibit that has water (and some that don't) have an extra 'additional' couple of residents. The little mallards just move in and make themselves at home. The newest addition are the 'rhino' mallards who have taken up residence in the new nighttime barn for the rhinos. <LOL>

cneinhorn said...

wow I just caught up on your latest photos! you've been bizzzzzzzzy I see, wonderful the chipmunk best I think...such are using a telephoto I take it?  I think I remember you saying dickidoo got you a telephoto lens or you did, or someone did...anyway, wonderful nature shots here!



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