Wednesday, April 20, 2005

LITERACY: Monday Photo Shoot

Literacy to me is my legacy to my children. After reading the simple yet beautifully descriptive poetry in which Alfred Lord Tennyson could paint a picture in my imagination with mere words I discovered a new appreciation for reading and writing. This is the actual book I read at the age of 10 that introduced me to Tennyson and changed my whole perspective on the written word.  I'd like to think that it was given to me and that I didn't just 'keep it', but I honestly don't remember.  Its tattered and faded from years of young fingers hungrily eagerly turning the pages to read more.  My children have the same hunger.  A trip to the library is always a treat for all.


This catalog is printed at the back of the book.  Schools were encouraged to use books as prizes and incentives.  Earlier this year my daughter received a loaf of strudel as an incentive.  That was almost halarious!  She would have appreciated a book more.

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get Literate!

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tc01hm said...

Well done photos and appreciated story and thoughts!


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