Thursday, April 21, 2005


Divide, Colorado in my eyes is one of the most beautiful places in the state.  It has it all, rich forests, rolling hills, steams and meadows, and sky as far as you can see.  It is picture perfect in the winter under a heavy coat of snow, but springtime in Divide is absolutely breathtaking!

Just my opinion, but you might not want to eat any fish from this pond!

This is the Molly Kathleen gold mind, which is still active today and offers tours so visitors can see what it was like to mine for gold back in the days of the gold rush.


mkolasa101 said...

Lovely, Divide, Colorado....hubby and I will have to check that out our next trip up that was which should be in the fall....just go to see those leaves again.

Have you been to Creed?   Ouray?  Silverton?  The Black Canyon?  Those are some of our favorites.


sdoscher458 said...

Oh I always wanted to do the panning for gold thing....probably break my back doing it now's really beautiful where you live....Sandi

smjr43 said...

I have so many pictures like the first one.  I never wanted souvenirs when we would go to different places like Leadville, Silverthorn, etc.  Just my pictures.  I have rolls and rolls of pictures of Colorado, some are developed and some are not.  I get a few done every week and post them as I get them.  I want to be back there so bad I don't know what to do. :(


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