Wednesday, April 20, 2005


When I first came to Colorado it was in the late fall and I was shocked by the dry, brown foothills of what I thought would be lush green mountains.  It didn't take me long to realize that there is beauty in all seasons.

Even when a plant drys out and goes to seed there is beauty.  And there is the promise of a new beginning in the spring.

Last year ended a 5 year drought for southern Colorado.  The creek behind this shady glade was dry, and the forest brittle.  These trees still bear the scars of a wild fire that scorched the forest.

Mother Nature is resilient and forgiving.  The earth has healed and celebrates the arrival of spring.

Your Tuesday Photo Shoot! Earth Day and Renewal


joolsinwa said...

very nice!  Postcard perfect!

boiseladie said...

I love the colors of the first photo here.  I have been looking at the dried cattails, sunflowers and corn stalks left over from the fall.  Great shots.

mkolasa101 said...

What great pictures and I love how you worded your thoughts and feelings.  How you took your initial feelings and took another look and allowed yourself to fall in love with wonderful, colorful Colorado, just as it is.  Now all we have to do is learn to do that with all the colorful people out in this world of ours.


mariebm56 said...

Excellent entry for Spring!
I love the first one!!

gabreaelinfo said...

Lovely nature shots.

fitzzer said...

Beautiful pictures ~ Lori

tc01hm said...

Thank you for these thoughts and well done images!

sdoscher458 said...

Cudoes to are putting that new camera to good use...great pictures and even if you can't garden too certainly have an artists eye for picture compostition.....great shots...Sandi

smjr43 said...

We came very close to being evacuated from our townhome in Palmer Lake during the Hayman fire.  We had been told to evacuate by midnight that night and after dark, the wind changed directions and the fire went back on itself, so we did not have to leave, although we were on standby for several days after that.  It was ungodly what that fire did to the beautiful forests in Colorado, not to mention the animals who probably died in the fire, the peoples homes that were destroyed and they lost everything, all because of a stupid decision by a forest ranger who supposedly "loved" the forest.  If that is her idea of love, I would hate to see what "hate" would do!!!!!!!


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