Thursday, April 14, 2005


For the most part I'm not against progress but I find it very saddening that this construction is under way on the opposite side of the creek that I spend so much time at.  Interstate 25 is just a couple hundred yards from this spot.  That is Cheyenne Mountain and Pikes Peak in the background.  Its beautiful country, and so many people want to live here to enjoy the pristine beauty. Unfortunately if we keep building to accomodate everyone who wants to live amongst such beauty, there won't be any wilderness left to admire and experience.


gabreaelinfo said...

So true.... I love your ditch picture. It really is neat at how one person sees a ditch and another see God's creation.

tc01hm said...

Always construction around my neck of the woods, mostly roadwork improvements with 2 lane roads going to 4 lanes. That is just a sign of things to come. I'm dreading the day that the first traffic light goes up in my town.
Nice tense shot of the beautiful Rockies off set by Progress!

gardenmantis said...

Oh how I understand your plight! We moved to this sleepy community that had one stoplight and no fast food around! The woods in the back of my house are gone, we have Wal Mart and numerous fast food and countless stoplights now. I hate when you talk to the people who moved out here and they say they love the "country". They would move out here and then complain that there were no places to shop! What were they looking at when they came to look at the house??? Didn't they notice how rural it was?

smjr43 said...

AMEN!!!!!!  I always thought what was called the Scar on the Mountain in the Springs should remind us of what NOT to do!!!!!!!  I do have to commend Colorado, for the most part though, as they are very protective over their national parks and open spaces, as well as the wildlife because they know that is what draws the tourists.


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