Friday, April 15, 2005


Fort Carson is an Army post just outside of Colorado Springs and has an abundance of wildlife within its bountries.  I believe these are Ibis. A flock of 55 flew above like a squadron of bombers on a mission.  They circled over head for about 20 minutes, shifting course and formation in a graceful dance in the sky before eventually flying off towards a larger pond.

This country goose isn't as social as the city geese that live by me, but he was still curious and acted as if it might have been waiting for me to toss it a treat. As a rule I will not feed the animals in the wild, just the more domesticated ones that have taken up residence among humans.

A couple of geese started fighting on the pond just in front of me.  There were a few times that they were literally running on the surface of the water.  Unfortunately those pictures didn't turn out very clear.

This cottontail lives right outside the building that my husband works in.  At first I thought I had scared it away, but incredibly it had circled around to get a closer look at ME!  We sat about 5 feet apart, me talking softly, the cottontail twitching its nose and occasionally nibbling on a blade of grass.


boiseladie said...

I love your photos!

mariebm56 said...

As always....your photos are wonderful.  Thanks for sharing~

marianinia said...

your pictures are beautifull, so beautifull that they can be frame  , they remind me of kentucky and the wonderful years my family and I live there , Iam wondering If you are a profesional ,Its amazing how woundrous is mother nature , just to show you that no matter  how things age , they are still beautiful. and the wild life magnificent, its glorious the things god put in front of our eyes , and sometimes we neglect to see them , just to think they are there for those  who have a keen eye, keep up the good work. and thank you  for letting us see what sometimes we cannot perceive . maria

astaryth said...

Cool Shots (as always <g>)... I'm glad to see you enjoying your new camera... I particularly like Mr. Cottontail!


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